The Tour

What kind of fitness level is required to do the ride?

If you can comfortably ride a bicycle, you will unlikely have any difficulty. We ride at a leisurely pace of around 10kmh to 15kmh and make frequent stops.

How long is the ride?

All of our rides are about 20km (12.5 miles) and about 5 hours long each.

Will I be having lunch during the tour?

Yes, we take one-hour lunch break during the tour, where there are many eateries and shops to buy lunch. Cost of lunch is not included in the tour price. Please bring Japanese yen cash to purchase your lunch, snack or drink. Suggested budget is 1,000 – 2,000yen for lunch, drink and snacks during the ride.

Do we go inside the museums and monuments?

Unfortunately, 5 to 6 hours does not give us enough time to enter any of the sights that we see on our tour. Our tours are designed to enjoy the city from a broad perspective and come away from it with a greater understanding of Tokyo’s history and layout. After the tour, however, we will be happy to give you information concerning how to get to the sights and their opening hours.

Can I leave the tour early?

We are afraid we cannot accommodate special requests like this on our public tours. Once the tour begins, we ask that you stay with the guide and the group until the end.

Do you have tours in the winter months?

Yes. We run tours all year around. In fact, Tokyo gets lots of sunshine in the winter months . With proper clothes such as gloves and wind breakers, you can enjoy a nice ride.

Bikes & Outfits

What kind of bicycle do you provide?

We have the following cross bikes specifically designed for casual city rides:

Bikes for Tokyo Discovery Bike Tours


7-speed cross bikes with chain and mud guards, and a front basket. They are available in three sizes and suitable for any heights between 150cm (4ft 11inches) and 190cm (6ft 2inches).

Bike for Tokyo Discovery Bike Tours


6-speed cross bikes with chain and mud guards, and a front basket. They are available in one size and suitable for any heights between 145cm (4ft 9inches) and 170cm (5ft 7inches).

Bikes for Tokyo Discovery Bike Tours


We also have one bike for young riders. A 21-speed urban MTB with 24-inch wheels. Suitable for riders between 135cm (4ft 5inches) and 150cm (4ft 11inches) tall.

How should I be dressed? 

You do not need to dress up in cycling gear. Casual and comfortable clothes are suitable. We suggest that you avoid wide-bottomed pants which make it difficult to pedal. 

 Do you supply helmets? 

Yes, we provide you with a helmet and recommend that you wear one.

Bad Weather

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad or will likely be bad, the tour will be cancelled. We will monitor the weather conditions and forecasts, and will decide and notify you by email or phone by 8am in the morning of the tour. If we cancel the tour, of course we will issue you a full refund.
Otherwise, the client is at all times entitled to cancel the tour contract by paying a cancellation charge determined as follows:

    Days prior to departureCancellation Charge
    4+no charge
    1-320% of tour price
    0 (before the tour starts)50% of tour price
    After departure or no show100% of tour price

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us by email ( ).