B TOUR : Imperial Palace & Waterfront

This tour is a perfect introduction to central Tokyo covering the Imperial Palace, Tokyo train station and Ginza. The latter half of the tour takes you to quiet waterfront areas where you can still find remnants of the atmosphere of old Tokyo. Tour starts and ends in Akihabara.

Tour Dates

Mostly on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9:30am – 3:00pm

Ride Distance

23km (14.5 miles)

Price per person

8,000yen (7,000yen if paid 3 days in advance by credit card)

What’s Included
  • rental bicycle (details of our bikes)
  • rental helmet
  • a friendly English-speaking guide to ride with you
  • a bottle of mineral water
  • local refreshments/snacks
  • Imperial Palace
  • Ginza
  • Tsukiji Outer Market – still one of the best places in Tokyo to get fresh seafood (lunch break)
  • Scenic ride along the Sumida River
  • Tsukishima and Tsukudajima islands – tranquil old neighborhood
  • Ningyocho – vibrant former theater district with traditional Japanese sweets shops

[1]  After bike fitting and briefing, we start riding from our garage in Akihabara. We bike under a railway track and on back streets in Kanda business district. We ride around  the Imperial Palace passing by the government center of Kasumigaseki district. The moat and stonewalls of the palace ground are in stark contrast to modern office buildings that surround the palace.

[2] We cycle towards the beautiful red brick building of Tokyo train station and then onto the fashionable Marunouchi Nakadori street. We bike through  the elegant Ginza shopping district and stop in Tsukiji for lunch break (lunch is not included in the tour price). Despite the relocation of the Tsukiji central market in October 2018, its surrounding Outer Market is still thriving with foodies looking for best foods. You can try a variety of foods here including sushi, kaisendon (seafood over rice), fish cake, ramen noodles, etc.

[3]   We bike across the Sumida River to Tsukishima and Tsukudajima islands. The area retains quaint old back streets and nostalgic atmosphere. We stop by an old tsukudani (preserved seafoods) shop that has survived for 180 years. The view of Rainbow Bridge as well as that of Tokyo across the Sumida River provide unforgettable photo opportunities.

[4]  We continue pedaling along spectacular riverside paths for a while and then head to Ningyo-cho, once a vibrant theater and entertainment district that has now become a charming neighborhood with restaurants and traditional sweets shops. After a short break here, we ride to the colorful textile wholesalers area of Bakuro-Yokoyama before returning to Akihabara.

Total Ride Distance: 24km (15miles)

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We meet at our office/garage in Akihabara. It is only a 3-minute walk from JR Akihabara train station. We will give you detailed directions after you book a tour. You can access Akihabara easily by JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, or Sobu Line. Akihabara is a world-famous district in central Tokyo with hundreds of electric and anime-goods shops – it is a good place to spend time after the tour finishes.

We have recently come to note that some potential guests visit our office/garage to have a look at it. Sorry! It is not a shop which is open during day time. Most of the time its shutters are closed, so you cannot see inside. Here is a picture of our garage/office.

Directions to Our Office/Garage

Take the JR Line (Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, or Sobu Line) and get off at Akihabara. Follow directions for Central Gate (中央口).

Exit the station via the Central Gate. After going through a ticket gate, turn LEFT and exit the station building.

Once outside the building, turn RIGHT and cross the street towards Yodobashi-Akiba building. After crossing the street, turn LEFT (facing Yodobashi-Akiba building) and continue for about 120 meters.

At the first corner after an intersection with traffic lights, make a RIGHT turn onto a small street. On the corner, there is a 21-story building called Sumitomo Fudosan Akihabara Ekimae Bldg.

Turn LEFT at the first corner. There is a Japanese restaurant on the corner. Our office is about 60 meters ahead on your right-hand side. It is located on the first (ground) floor of a 12-storied red brick color apartment building. The closest land mark is the AKIHBARA BAY HOTEL which is located in the next building to ours.

Our garage in Akihabara