About Us

Tokyo Discovery Bike Tours is operated by Oka Tours, specialists in bicycle tours in Japan. As a registered travel agency with Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Office (registration number: 2-5714) since 2006, we are an established and solid business. We adhere to business and operational rules in accordance with the Travel Agency Law in Japan. We are a member of ANTA.

Oka Tours Co., Ltd.
2-24-5 Kichijojihigashi-cho, Musashino
Tokyo 180-0002, Japan
URL: https://www.okatours.com
URL: https://www.biketours.tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)422 26 6644
Fax: +81 (0)422 26 6645

The following information is displayed in order to comply with the Specified Commercial Transaction Law in Japan, which regulates on-line commercial transactions for consumer protection. The law only applies to purchasers residing in Japan.

Vendor’s Name: Oka Tours Co., Ltd.
Name of the Representative: Akira Oka
Address: 2-24-5 Kichijojihigashi-cho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0002, Japan
Tel: 0422-26-6644
Fax: 0422-26-6645
Payment Method: Advance payment by credit card.
Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please refer to Terms and Conditions.
Any money that the purchaser has to pay in addition to the price of the trip: None for the items that are described as included in the trip price. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.

運営責任者:岡 朗
所在地:〒180-0002 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺東町2-24-5

  • 4日目に当たる日以前の解除:無料
  • 1日目~3日目に当たる日の解除:ツアー代金の20%
  • ツアー当日(ただしツアー開始時刻前)の解除:ツアー代金の50%
  • ツアー開始後の解除又は無連絡不参加:ツアー代金の100%

商品代金以外の必要料金:旅行代金に含まれると記載されている項目についてはなし。旅行代金に含まれる項目の詳細については旅行条件 をご参照ください。