Your Guides

We pride ourselves on our high caliber guides who are fun, friendly, and have excellent English communication skills. All of us have qualified as National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters and are committed to helping you fully enjoy exploring Tokyo. We look forward to riding with you!


Akira is the founder and also one of the guides who lead our tours. A native ‘Tokyoite’ educated in Japan and the US, he lived a total of 9 years in the US and UK. His cycling career began at the age of 14 when he assembled his first touring bike. After spending many years as a ‘salaryman’, he founded Oka Tours in 2006 and has since run bicycle trips for guests visiting Japan. He loves to show guests his home city on a bicycle. Akira is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English.


Yori grew up in Kamakura city (Kanagawa Prefecture) and now lives in Musashino city, Tokyo. He is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English and has a tour guide experience of about 10 years. He loves cycling, skiing and swimming and has an experience as a swimming instructor.


Junko grew up in Tokyo and spent her teens in New York in the US. She has 15+ years of experience as a guide and an interpreter, and has welcomed both holiday and business visitors from many countries to Japan. Now living in the city center, Junko enjoys exploring little streets and cafes in the neighborhood. She looks forward to showing you around in her home city by bike. Junko is  a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in both English and French.


Miki grew up in Yokohama (outskirts of Tokyo), went to university of Denver in the US and lived in Toronto. Now She is a Tokyoite biker, mother of three and a licensed tour guide. She loves to explore the town and nature by bicycle. She is looking forward to showing you the secrets of Tokyo.  Miki is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English.


I was born and grew up in Himeji, a small city. I left Himeji when I entered the University in Yokohama. Then I studied English to work with people in the world in the future. Even though I left Himeji, I couldn’t forget my childhood. When I was a small child, a bike was a magic tool. I could go to where I had never been. I could go far away by bike. New adventures always began when I rode a bike, but…After I grew up, I rode a bike only to go to school, office etc…It was not an exciting thing any more…Even I have already grown up, I want to be excited. Oh! I can make myself excited! Why don’t you go adventure with me?


A native of Tokyo, Atsushi  (a.k.a. @sushi) is a keen cyclist and is a member of  Team DAIOU (Century Ride King’s Club). He has completed bike rides held in all of Japan’s 47 prefectures. He is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English and registered with Japan Cycling Association as a qualified cycling leader.